Header and Footer

The Header.js and Footer.js components are located in pushkin/front-end/src/components/Layout
To Change the logo in the navbar, copy your logo image into the pushkin/front-end/src/assets/logo folder, modify the path in src={require("../../assets/images/logo/NavbarLogo.png")} in the <Navbar.Brand>. You can also modify the logo’s size using the width and height attributes in the <img /> tag.
Choose from variant="light" for use with light background colors, variant="dark" for dark background colors. Then, customize with the bg prop or any custom css! You can also use the className prop in the <Navbar> component, like className="navbar-dark bg-dark"
The footer is wrapped in <Row> component. You can change the background color in the style prop: style={{backgroundColor:'#eeeeee'}}.