Start here to build install Pushkin and its dependencies on macOS.

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Install Homebrew

If you don’t have Homebrew, install it. If you do not have Xcode installed yet, this installation will prompt you to install it as well.
Note that Homebrew requires a 64-bit Intel CPU, macOS High Sierra /(10.13/) or higher, Command Line Tools /(CLT/) for Xcode, and a Bourne-compatible shell for installation like bash or zsh.

Install Yarn

Then run the following to get Yarn, which will let you download Pushkin:
$ brew install yarn

Install Yalc

Install Yalc globally.
$ yarn global add yalc

Install pushkin-cli

Install pushkin-cli package globally.
$ yarn global add pushkin-cli
Confirm that pushkin-cli is installed by running:
$ pushkin --help
You should get a list of commands with some documentation for each.
Confirm that you have version 2.0.0 or later by running:
$ pushkin --version
and reading the output.

Install Docker

Next, install Docker.

Next steps

Great! You're all done. Head over here to build a basic Pushkin site and experiment.